Latest Photos: Jiah Khan’s Dead Body With Scars

07 Oct

Jiah Khan’s mother Rabbiya Khan has released visuals of Jiah’s dead body.

The scars on Jiah’s upper neck are from the dupatta with which she used for the suicide. At least that is what the police said but the new petition does not agree to this. Click on to the next slides for shocking images and details.

Shocking Images of Jiah Khan

While police had stated that Jiah hung herself with a muslin dupatta, forensic expert Dr R N Jerajani opined that the depth of ligature marks in Jiah’s case was difficult to achieve with such a soft material.



The forensic expert also thinks that that the ligature marks on Jiah’s neck are not like the ones usually found on the body of a person who hangs self from a ceiling fan. His report stated that the possibility of strangulation is not ruled out in this case.

The petition by Jiah’s mother even questions few other things. The CCTV camera footage showed that Jiah had entered her house a few minutes before she committed suicide. At that time, she was wearing a track suit but her body was discovered in a night gown. The petition asks if a person about to commit suicide change her dress.

The petition further explained that the ceiling fan in Jiah’s room was located in between two single beds and it was not possible for Jiah to hang herself without a stool and there was no stool in her house.






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