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Sunny Leone Latest Photoshoot Images 2014

Bollywood Sexy Actor Sunny Leone Photo shoot Images for Tollywood Magazine.

2_Sunny Leone_07Feb2014 3_Sunny Leone_07Feb2014 6_Sunny Leone_07Feb2014

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Sunny’s Steamy Scene Deleted

Sunny Leone and Sachiin Joshi had a very steamy scene in Jackpot and it looks like it was too hot to handle for the censors.

Actress Sunny Leone at a press conference for their film ``Jackpot``, at Spice World Mall in Noida on Dec. 7, 2013. (Photo: Amlan Paliwal/IANS) Actors Sunny Leone and Sachin Joshi at a press conference for their film ``Jackpot``, at Spice World Mall in Noida on Dec. 7, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

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Latest Hot New Photos of Sunny Leone

Everyone knows that Sunny Leone was an adult film star in the US before she entered Bollywood. However, this is not the most shocking thing about her! What’s shocking is that she was a young nursing student in Canada when she was spotted by an adult magazine photographer and then started her career in the adult film industry.

1_Sunny Leone_28Nov2013 3_Sunny Leone_28Nov2013 5_Sunny Leone_28Nov2013

Take a look at some of her sizzling pix… for more


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Hot Sunny Leone Wallpaper

Sunny Leone

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Sunny Leone on her Sexy Jackpot Act

Watch her sizzling hot photo shoot for Jackpot. She says, “Each one of my hot scenes is sexy and beautiful.


1_Sunny Leone_12Nov2013 2_Sunny Leone_12Nov2013 3_Sunny Leone_12Nov2013 4_Sunny Leone_12Nov2013 5_Sunny Leone_12Nov2013 6_Sunny Leone_12Nov2013 7_Sunny Leone_12Nov2013 8_Sunny Leone_12Nov2013 Sunny Leone-FB


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Sunny Deol unveils wax statue of Shahid Bhagat Singh

Watch Sunny Deol Sizzling hot photos

132770 132771 132775 132786


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Leaked: Sunny Leone’s Bedroom Picture

Sunny Leone has been turning up the heat with her sexy shoot for MTV Webbed.


1_Sunny Leone_21Nov2013 2_Sunny Leone_21Nov2013 3_Sunny Leone_21Nov2013 4_Sunny Leone_21Nov2013 5_Sunny Leone_21Nov2013 6_Sunny Leone_21Nov2013


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