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Was Bebo a serial Dater?

Beautiful Bebo has always had the kind of rare beauty that’s magnetic. She’s had quite a few relationships before she found true love and settled down with Saif Ali Khan.

Have a look at sizzling photos of Kareena Kapoor:

1_Kareena Kapoor_22Nov2013 2_Kareena Kapoor_22Nov2013 3_Kareena Kapoor_22Nov2013 4_Kareena Kapoor_22Nov2013 5_Kareena Kapoor_22Nov2013 6_Kareena Kapoor_22Nov2013


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Saif and Kareena’s Photoshoot for Harper Bazaar – Oct 2013

Here are the latest photoshoot of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan for Harper Bazaar Magazine’s October 2013 Edition.

Saif+and+Kareena%27s+Photoshoot+for+Harper+Bazaar+-+Oct+2013 Saif+and+Kareena%27s+Photoshoot+for+Harper+Bazaar+-+Oct+2013+%281%29 Saif+and+Kareena%27s+Photoshoot+for+Harper+Bazaar+-+Oct+2013+%282%29 Saif+and+Kareena%27s+Photoshoot+for+Harper+Bazaar+-+Oct+2013+%283%29 Saif+and+Kareena%27s+Photoshoot+for+Harper+Bazaar+-+Oct+2013+%284%29 Saif+and+Kareena%27s+Photoshoot+for+Harper+Bazaar+-+Oct+2013+%285%29 Saif+and+Kareena%27s+Photoshoot+for+Harper+Bazaar+-+Oct+2013+%286%29


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Kareena Kapoor New Hot Images 2013

Kareena Kapoor in her Hot new outfits 2013



kareena+kapoor+hot+picture+2013+09 kareena+kapoor+hot+picture+2013+07 kareena+kapoor+hot+picture+2013+06 kareena+kapoor+hot+picture+2013+04 kareena+kapoor+hot+picture+2013+03 kareena+kapoor+hot+picture+2013+02




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